Premium local wildflower honey from meadows in Ontario.  Produced by Heritage Bee Co.  Raw unfiltered.  Honey as nature intended
Heritage Bee Co's handcrafted premium Ontario liquid wildflower honey. Raw and unpasteurized honey harvested from fully traceable hives located along the Niagara Escarpment.
Heritage Bee Co's premium liquid wildflower honey can be used in yogurt for added sweetness.
Heritage Bee Co's expert beekeepers are leading producers of premium honey in Ontario
Heritage Bee Co is proud to donate 1% of all proceeds to local organizations that make a difference for our planet.

Heritage Bee Co.

Liquid Wildflower Honey

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Our 100% Ontario wildflower honey is raw, unpasteurized, minimally processed and hyper-local.  

We are chemical-free and antibiotic-free beekeepers, resulting in honey as nature intended. Essentially organic. Unique traceability numbers on each jar allow our customers to fully understand where their honey was collected. We DO NOT import any honey nor blend with any honey outside our own professionally managed apiaries. 

We produce a beautiful Wildflower Honey that is in synchronicity with how the bees naturally collect nectar and pollen. Our hives remain stationary and we DO NOT participate in migratory beekeeping or pollination services.  

100% Ontario made.  With 100% Ontario Wildflower Honey

Size: 375 g

Limited quantities are available each season.  

Size | 375 g

Pickup available at Heritage Bee Co. Usually ready in 4 hours

Liquid Wildflower Honey

Heritage Bee Co.

Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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Why We Love It

Classy. Classic. Unfiltered. Raw. Unpasteruzied. and LOCAL. Yes, all of our honey is 100% made in Ontario. How do you know? Read the label. If it says 'Product of Ontario' then you know you've got the right honey.

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