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    The Heritage Bee is a corporation which makes beekeeping a possibility for all Canadians through its Hive Hosting services.  Heritage Bee produces honey through natural small cell beekeeping practices, which are in synchronicity with nature.  The Host wishes to participate in the production of natural honey, and owns property which both parties believe will be suitable for the production of premium, raw, unpasteurized honey.  In consideration of the terms and provisions within this Contract, the parties agree as follows:

    1. The Host is the registered owner of their property described as  (insert legal description of land for final signed contract), hereinafter described as “the Property”.

    2. As mutually discussed, and agreed, Heritage Bee shall supply and deliver 2 (or more as per agreement) hives to the Property. The hives shall be placed on a site at the Property which Heritage Bee has determined to be appropriate prior to the execution of this Agreement.

    3. The beehives located at the Property, are identified special Hive Number (s) for the purpose of traceability.

    4. At all times, Heritage Bee shall remain the sole owner of the hives and honey bees located on the Property. Heritage Bee shall also have sole responsibility for the maintenance and management of the beehives and honey bees.

    5. Heritage Bee shall have responsibility to register each hive of honey bees with the appropriate governing authority, and Heritage Bee shall be responsible to pay all fees associated with the registrations. Heritage Bee will arrange, and oversee all Provincially required hive inspections.

    6. In the event that disease or winter kill occurs in the hives, then Heritage Bee shall have the responsibility to establish a new breeding colony in each hive located on the Property.

    7. Heritage Bee and its employees shall have access to the Property for the purpose of managing the hives and harvesting honey on an unrestricted basis. The parties agree that it is anticipated that Heritage Bee will need to have access to the Property every 7-14 days throughout the growing season for management and honey harvesting purposes, and Heritage Bee will require further additional access from time to time during the entire course of the year.

    8. The Host agrees that no other beehives will be permitted to be placed upon the Host’s Property. Additionally, the Host agrees that it will not conduct agricultural, horticultural or recreational activities within 10 metres of any beehives.  The Host recognizes that inappropriate activity located within 10 metres of beehives can limit honey production and is detrimental to honey bees.

    9. The Host agrees not to spray or use any insecticides, synthetic chemicals (i.e. fertilizers), or herbicides (i.e. glyphosate such as RoundUp) on their property, as such use can be detrimental to honey bees.

    10. The Host recognizes and acknowledges that honey bees are stinging insects and may sting humans, pets or livestock which approach hives carelessly or too closely. The Host releases Heritage Bee from any or all claims that may arise in the event that the Host, or any visitors, family members, and/or animals located on the Host’s Property receives stings from honey bees or receives stings from honey bees which lead to any reaction to being stung by honey bees.

    11. The Host agrees to pay the sum of CDN $1020 for 2 hives for 2020  to Heritage Bee for each hive of honey bees that Heritage Bee places upon the Property.  Payment shall be made in three equal payments. 

    12. In consideration for this Agreement, Heritage Bee agrees that it will segregate, harvest and hand package the honey produced from the Host’s Property. Heritage Bee will then supply to the Host approx. 15 -  375 ml jars of honey for each hive located upon the Property.  Each jar of honey shall have a label prepared by Heritage Bee which is personalized for the Host.

    13. All surplus honey produced on the Property above and beyond the honey that the Host is entitled to receive in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be the sole property of Heritage Bee and Heritage Bee may sell that honey as it sees fit.

    14. In the event that the crop of honey produced on the Host’s Property in any year is not sufficient to provide 15 - 375 ml jars of honey per hive, then Heritage Bee shall be responsible to provide that honey to the Host from other hives owned by Heritage Bee located on other properties.

    15. This Contract is for the 2020 season, ending October 31, 2020. 

    16.  Heritage Bee shall have the right to an early termination of the Contract upon three month’s written notice to the Host if one or more of the following conditions occurs:

     -  The hives located on the Host’s Property do not generate sufficient honey to be economically viable;

     - The hives are disturbed by wildlife, pets, or humans to the point where injury is occurring to the honey bees or the hives, or the habitat for the bees or the plants required by the bees for honey production has been damaged or destroyed; or

    - Heritage Bee reasonably determines that the hives and/or honey bees are at risk of damage from these causes.

    17. In the event of early termination by Heritage Bee, then the payment due from the Host to Heritage Bee and the honey due from Heritage Bee to the Host shall be prorated for the year in which termination occurs and no further obligations shall exist between the parties.

    18. Heritage Bee shall have the right to immediately terminate the Contract without notice if one or more of the following conditions occurs:

      1. The Host acknowledges that the sale of the personalized jars of Heritage Bee honey without prior written agreement from Heritage Bee is prohibited and is a cause immediate termination of this Contract;
      2. The Host fails to provide payment to Heritage Bee in accordance with the provisions of this Contract.

    19.  The Host, and anyone permitted by the host to attend at the Property, may not touch, interfere with, or disturb the hives located on the Property. Interfering with, inspecting or opening a hive without prior written permission from Heritage Bee may result in the immediate cancellation of the contract, at the discretion of Heritage Bee. 

    20.  The Host agrees that Heritage Bee shall be provided unimpeded access to the Property for the purpose of removing hives, honey bees and any other equipment at the end of the Contract between the parties.

    21. The Host agrees that Heritage Bee may take photographs or videos of the Property owned by the Host. The Host hereby specifically grants authority to Heritage Bee to utilize photographs or videos taken on the Host’s property for marketing and promotional purposes.   

    22. Additionally, the Host grants Heritage Bee the right to utilize maps showing the approximate location of the Property for marketing purposes since Heritage Bee wishes to be able to illustrate the source of its honey to interested parties. Heritage Bee agrees that it will not pinpoint the location of the Property or the Host’s home but will show the general area where the hives are located.  

    23. The relationship between the parties is one of independent contractors. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to create or shall create a partnership between the parties.


     For more information, please contact The Heritage Bee Co. at info@heritagebee.com or 705-466-BEES (2337)